Food Sovereignty

We support the right of individuals, collectives and sovereign states to choose and develop their agricultural and food systems in a democratic manner: this is a state of food sovereignty. A precondition for food sovereignty is the control over means of production, and in particular natural resources, by food producers and the access to healthy food for consumers.


Our program focuses on two key areas that are connected to the question of food sovereignty:

Seed Sovereignty

Farmers’ control over seed is threatened by the expansion of a handful of corporations worldwide as well as by policies that favour commercial breeders’ interests over farmers’ rights. We support smallholder farmer organisations and their allies in the struggle over productive and resilient farmers managed seed systems.

Farm Workers Rights

Despite representing 40% of the labour force in agriculture globally and being a key group of food producers, workers in plantation, farms, orchards and pack houses themselves receive hunger wages, and oftentimes their right to collective bargaining is undermined. We support farm workers in their struggles for their rights and living wages.