New Papers on Emancipatory Rural Politics

RLS Southern Africa wishes to share three papers under the backdrop as highlighted below:

The blockage of genuine agrarian reforms, heavy price pressure on the agrarian sector, the neoliberal role-back of state services and other factors over the last decades have contributed to a deep crisis of rural areas in most regions of the world. This crisis reaches beyond the mere question of material inequality, and includes questions of individual and collective identity as well as the lack political representation and participation of rural constituencies. It is in light of this that RLS partnered with different scholars in Africa to author papers around Emancipatory Rural Politics.

The papers are available by download through the below links:

Farm Dwellers in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and The Politics of Home

After Land Reform in Zimbabwe: What About The Youth?

Mission Impossible? Social Movement(s) and Prospects for Emancipatory Rural Politics in Zimbabwe


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