Land-based livelihoods matter in Makhasaneni


In October 2018, the Constitutional Court delivered a unanimous judgment in which it held that owners and lawful occupiers of land affected by mining are entitled to compensation prior to the commencement of mining development. The Court affirmed that compensation must be determined either through agreement between the company and the occupier, or by a court or an arbitrator.

The judgment however did not address what relevant factors should be considered in determining the amount of compensation payable to the affected communities.

It is this question that has driven the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC), and its community partners who are faced with prospects of being economically displaced (through loss of livelihood) by mining development, to conduct this research study of Makhasaneni as it seeks to establish best practice in the determination of just and equitable compensation for communities who are faced with a potential loss of community land rights and land-based livelihoods.


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Photo by Shannon Herd-Hoard.
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