Launch of Islanders / Ilhéus by Moira Forjaz

Islanders / Ilhéus, the third book by Moira Forjaz, is of equal value in photography and literature.

On the setting of Ilha de Moçambique – a small, unique island of great historical and social importance, off the coast of Mozambique’s Nampula province which in 2018 is celebrating its 200th anniversary – the book features the brief memoirs of islanders, recorded in the first person. Uncovering a mystical island world, these stories also reflect Mozambique’s progress from colony to independence.

A reading of history through a personal context is a valuable lesson in the importance of empathy and understanding.

Photographed in the reportage style, Moira Forjaz’s images are honest and fair reflections of the relationships she has built on the island, and also of Ilha de Moçambique’s captivating reality.

The book was launched under a setting sun with an exhibition of the photographs, in a seaside warehouse functioning as a gallery. The book’s surviving islanders were all in attendance, and it was the first opportunity for them to see the book.

Not even an hour-long power failure sent guests home, and once the lights were back on, the evening concluded with a joyous, bright red performance of a tufo dance, a time-honoured tradition of the island.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southern Africa congratulates Moira Forjaz and all those involved in the project, on a truly remarkable book. A new treasure for the island.


The venue for the evening, a former harbour building

Moira offering those involved their first look at the book

Guests were resourceful when the power failed

The launch concluded with a colourful tufo dance – once the power returned

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