Business As Usual After Marikana

From safety failures to wage strikes gone wrong, gold and platinum mines continue to profit as the exploitation and deaths of mineworkers are ignored.

The 2012 Marikana massacre awakened us to the troubles of the South African mining sector. Business as Usual after Marikana provides a multi-faceted view of the platinum supply chain. With specific focus on Lonmin and their major customer, BASF, this book examines the relationship between government, business and foreign relations that have for years resulted in the violation of human rights and interference in the development of governmental policies. Accomplished scholars, activists and economists discuss global supply chains, trade agreements, corporate lobbying and legal regulations in an attempt to hold BASF and other transnational companies to account for the atrocities that they have directly or indirectly caused in former colonized countries like South Africa.

With articles from Britta Becker | Alexander Behr | Asanda Benya | Patrick Bond | Stefan Buchen | Gavin Capps | María do Mar Castro Varela | Franziska Dübgen | Maren Grimm | Boris Kanzleiter | Simone Knapp | Jakob Krameritsch | Stephan Lessenich | Sarah Lincoln | Rosemary Lombard | Boniface Mabanza Bambu | Mzoxolo Magidiwana | Thumeka Magwangqana | Akhona Mehlo | Barbara Müller | Trevor Ngwane | Jan Pehrke | Dinah Rajak | Michael Reckordt | Walter Sauer | Judy Seidman | Jo Seoka | Carolijn Terwindt | Christoph Trautvetter

The book is available for download via the “pdf” button below.